Oracle Application

Oracle has been continuously innovating and adding to its technology stack which, in turn, has ushered in the development of myriad of applications for a variety of businesses globally. PTS, with its long and proven experience in the Oracle sphere and, a rich pool of talent spanning expertise across the entire Oracle technology spectrum, is well equipped to assess business needs, create enterprise application strategy, and deploy new technology so that customers get maximum value out of their investments.

We provide a range of consulting services for deploying Oracle applications including planning, implementation, upgradation and support covering the following technologies:
  • JD Edwards
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • PeopleSoft Enterprise
  • Java
  • Siebel

Implementation, Customize & Integrate
Our implementation practice facilitates the aligning of its customers' implementation plans with their business objectives. The process entails examination of client-specific system requirements followed by scope definition, assessment of the expected integration time and the required resources for the same. The implementation planning program also delivers phased implementation plans as well as product and service recommendations based on client's system environment.
We provide a complete range of enterprise application customization services including customization scoping through gap analysis, building customization including reports, forms, interfaces, mapping customization to new releases and effecting changes in line with business needs, work-flow automation, bespoke / bolt-on enhanced functionality development and transition to upgraded versions.
We provide integration services for Oracle applications encompassing ESB implementation, application and data integration, open source and standards-based integration. Our proven expertise in SOA enables seamless integration of all our all clients' Oracle products. Equipped with highly experienced SOA architects and DBAs to support the development teams, PTS has integration expertise with years of system integration and project management experience in Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Fusion Middleware. Our proprietary reference architecture enables clients to integrate process-specific oracle apps like ERP, CRM and other applications, databases and files.
Modern technologies make it imperative for businesses to have in place a sound, seamless, and effective migration strategy for their legacy systems to new models to be in sync with the times. Further, with the advent of technology transitions such as cloud computing -which has transformed the way businesses think of their IT infrastructure and paving the way for a barrage of new and sophisticated applications- migration has assumed an almost critical role in the entire IT ecosystem of today's businesses.

PTS, with its globally proven expertise, helps clients undertake this very important function flawlessly and ever so seamlessly, while preserving the original business objectives without having to re-engineer - - the costs of which are often huge. Like with every other practice, we take a purely business-benefits realization approach to enterprise app. migration with minimal disruption to business.

We undertake the following migrations:
  • Oracle R11 to R12
  • Upgrading/Migrating legacy systems to web-based systems, old VB/ ASP applications to .NET Framework, and migrating C/C++/Java applications from one hardware platform to another
  • Database Migration
  • Language Migration
  • Operating System Migration
  • Code Restructuring
  • Pre and Post Migration support