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Big data / Analytics

As businesses continue to evolve, the volume of information grows exponentially and with heterogeneous silos, managing it becomes difficult. Enterprises face major challenges in making "real time decisions" on massive volumes of data. Data warehousing and marts address these challenges by unearthing the hidden value in information assets to facilitate informed decisions.

Data Warehouse is an integral part of most organizations, which typically contains the entire data of organization consolidated over a long period of time from multifarious sources. This evolution means that no single employee or business unit has wholesome knowledge of the warehouse, and the inherent knowledge within the organization becomes siloed and fragmented.

The Data warehouse is the single main source of truth in the company, and with data growing into unwieldy volumes and the advent of big data revolution, the problem is only compounded. This unique evolution into the Data Warehouse mess puts the key business flows in jeopardy.

At Pyramid, we believe that Data Warehouse Quality Assurance is not confined to specific stage in software life cycle or specific component in the business workflow but the entire ecosystem. Instead of a tactical approach, we believe in a proactive approach, where testing is managed continuously so that the warehouse evolves as intended. Beginning with an architectural evaluation of the Data Warehouse and all its intervening systems, our strategic approach can help you build strong efficiencies in Data flows.

Through our discovery sessions, we help you identify the areas that need immediate focus and carve our long term road maps to stay future-proof, flexible and nimble and ahead of your competitors.

Data Warehousing:

Data warehousing addresses a diverse set of focus areas like data modeling, schema building, extraction, transformation, data cleansing, data integrity and dimensional analytics, all built on fault tolerant infrastructures and robust architectures. We enable enterprises to extract knowledge from unprocessed information and align the business processes to establish a rich, reliable and effective business framework for timely, intelligent decision-making. Use of the latest tools and technologies that automate ETL, backup, restore and replication activities and scale them for future data deluges

Data Marts:

Data marts help create logical views of the data warehouse to improve performance and ease of use for individual business units. We build new or revamp existing marts that become redundant over time to serve your current and future needs. Our expertise with state of the art tools ensures robust, scalable and yet a cost efficient data warehousing solution delivers maximized performance.

Business performance intelligence is a set of analytics reports that enable the management to understand the organization's performance and aid in formulating or achieving business goals.

Pyramid offers an effective Business Performance Reporting and Analytics solution that can act as a great foundation for building your customizations. This solution covers several intuitive and important features which can help you save a lot of your time.


  • It demonstrates a top-down framework by which the organizations can align their planning and execution, strategy and tactics.
  • It helps organizations consolidate information measurements at various levels of business operations.
  • These insights will help the management to measure the performance of the organization against their current business goals. They will also help in the assessment of business entities andin formulation of new goals that can definitely improve the organization's future.

Pyramid offers easy to deploy pre-configured BI solution with ETL as a service. Our standard and basic implementation of business intelligence usually takes 6 to 8 weeks. BPRA provides integrated ETL, Data Warehouse, Reporting and Analytics services tailored to quickly meet the needs of small and medium enterprises. This solution entails efficient data mart architecture to enable insightful reporting and analytics.

  • Sales reports covering sales performance and cockpit reports for senior management
  • Marketing reports that show channel score cards, campaign effectiveness etc.
  • Financial reports that show financial health and analytics, revenue versus COGS reports etc.
  • Operations reports that cover supply chain analytics KPI analytics, inventory levels, order pipelines etc.