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Specialized Staffing

If you thought we would just fill the required position then give it another thought. We, at Pyramid Technology Solutions (PTS), offer you the right candidate for recruitment into any IT position.

Fuelled by our expertise in the domain of professional staffing, we would leave no stone unturned to provide you the excellent staff to build your organization.

Like we always promise quality, cost, flexibility and high levels of customer satisfaction, being bound to time and budgets are our main concerns of professional staffing.

The strong people philosophy blended with unique approach of staff retention is the unique selling proposition of professional staffing at PTS. Also, our expertise in the domain of IT enables for better understanding of the client's needs, which helps in providing the apt and the best resources.

Be it permanent or part-time staffing of IT personnel, Pyramid Technology Solutions (PTS) employs high-skilled expertise to provide the best manpower to meet your company's needs. Our pool of technical resources in the local and the international markets are our assets that serve as powerhouses for recruitment of personnel.

In today's high tech world, we take a high level approach to ensure that our client gets the best staffing results. Here's how our process works:

We take the time upfront to thoroughly analyze the client hiring needs and the business needs driving for the need to hire.

  • We contact the client in person to gain a deeper understanding of the job requirements, the work environment, and the dynamics of the business and industry.
  • We develop a recruitment strategy that's specific to the hiring requirements.
  • We deliver quality candidates that not only have the skills the client seek, but also fits corporate culture.
  • We provide a higher level of service throughout the process, and we work to anticipate client needs--before problems occur.