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Core Testing

PYRAMID' Core Testing Services are offered as a seamless extension to your in-house IT and business testing capabilities. We work closely with you to tailor a program of support which meets your needs and ensures your systems achieve the quality levels demanded by your customers.

Our services range from supplementing in-house skills through to outsourcing the entire QA function to an offshore facility. We provide complete support to help you meet the demands of your business and are careful to recommend solutions that do not impact upon your ability to deliver. Most importantly we supplement the in-house QA function, recognizing gaps and providing a response to the challenges of delivering new business systems. PYRAMID services extend much further than staff augmentation. A key factor in any engagement is the continuous improvement and the development of your own staff. We will work with you to apply improvements to your system's lifecycle, minimizing the cost of testing whilst at the same time optimizing the process to improve the quality of delivered systems.

Working with PYRAMID will add flexibility and know-how to your QA and testing capability, but most importantly it will ensure your business stays on track.

Core Testing Services Summary

PYRAMID is an independent global testing services division assures our commitment to delivering value and quality to our clients in a professional and confidential manner. As a specialist provider of testing services, we continually strive to innovate, improve and expand our services to our clients.

At PYRAMID, we recognize that the cost-effective identification and removal of software defects from our clients' software and IT systems is our primary objective and is the core of our business. This is why we have an extensive range of Core Testing services that bring together all the essential testing capabilities required to meet your objective.

In a business context, we maintain extensive domain knowledge in the following industry sectors which ensure that we can apply the right consultants for the solution:

  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Information Services
  • Retail & Consumer Products
  • Telecom
  • Travel, Transportation & Hospitality

The development and delivery of software, and the operation of business critical IT systems, faces a range of challenges that cannot be addressed by just a single approach. At PYRAMID, we identify four key testing scenarios that our clients face on a regular basis.

Test Management & Support:

The key elements of successful test management are measurement, estimation and leadership. All of these need experienced and skilled practitioners in testing who have the personal qualities to take ownership of the testing issues. Either through close participation or clear and frequent communication, constant control and issue resolution proves the value of good test management and good test managers.

System & Integration Testing:

PYRAMID System & Integration Test Services are designed to provide you with an objective measurement of the software quality of the deliverables from the software development process. Although integration testing and system testing are different test phases, they are best planned together. The strategy chosen for integration testing, such as top-down, bottom-up or some hybrid of both, will impact the choice of the system testing phase. The two phases also need similar skills and mindset, as they are primarily technical testing phases designed to validate and verify the software design.

User Acceptance Testing:

PYRAMID User Acceptance Testing Services help both software vendors and business software users assure themselves that their software is functionally 'fit for purpose'. Whether you are developing software products for a mass market, or looking to deploy a business focused IT system, PYRAMID can help you meet your objectives through our extensive and comprehensive software testing capabilities. Effective user acceptance testing is not just best practice in IT development or procurement; it makes good business sense too.

Operational Acceptance Testing:

Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT) is becoming critically important to organizations that deliver and maintain complete software systems and complex IT infrastructures. In general, OAT addresses the non-functional, or quality, attributes of a system. With the specific exclusions of performance and security, which we consider to be areas of specialty in their own right, OAT concentrates on such areas as maintainability, reliability, recoverability, installability, compatibility and conformance, to name a few. What characterizes many of the operational testing domains is their lack of simple pass/fail criteria that are expected in the user testing domains. Additionally operational testing is closely bound to the implementation technologies, software architectures and vendor products used to deliver the software application capability to the business users.