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Pyramid Consulting Services are designed to help companies optimize their IT and business quality management and testing capabilities. Our complete focus on quality management and testing combined with deep expertise in the development lifecycle enables us to provide practical services that really do help you to improve the way you build systems.

Unlike traditional quality control services in IT, which often slow down the development process, PYRAMID takes Service Overview Consulting a refreshing 'can-do' approach. Our services will help you put the effort where it is needed and improve your capability to deliver. We will focus on areas of risk, identify what can be done in parallel and exploit opportunities to improve productivity. Working with PYRAMID will enable your teams to focus on getting the job done more quickly without compromising on quality.

PYRAMID' software testing consultants have many years of practical experience in every aspect of software testing, across the complete spectrum of IT users from Government to Banking and Financial Services. We provide essential testing services to major global clients within the Forbes 2000.

The PYRAMID Delivery Method caters for engagements of all sizes and structures, from a single, onsite consultant working with your test team to major test programs, managed offshore, with hundreds of testers dedicated to delivering the highest quality testing to our clients.

Whether planning and implementing strategic change programs, through to reviewing test processes, we have leading test consultants that understand your business and the market within which it operates. We offer a range of targeted consultancy engagements that cover the following areas:

Strategic Planning:

Testing in IT is becoming critical to successful delivery. We can help you understand the value of testing to your organization and identify the strategic direction that should be taken to maximize the value returned to the business.

Process Review:

How do you conduct your testing? Is the process well defined? Do you follow the process? Knowing exactly what is happening with your testing is key to making the right management decisions that ensure alignment with your overall IT strategy.

Process Improvement:

Having conducted a process review, there may be improvements to implement. Any change has an element of risk and a potential to impact business-as-usual operations. We will work with you to determine the optimum plan that delivers the essential improvements while minimizing the risk and business impact.

Method Implementation:

Your test process may work well for the testing that you do, but there may be types of testing that you should also do, but do not. Typical areas that we address are security, performance and test automation. We can help you implement new test methods engineered to meet your specific testing needs.

Process Support:

During times of change, you may have to adopt new tools and procedures. Our range of expertise covers all the main test strategies. We partner with all the leading test tool vendors and we use many of the leading open source test tools ourselves. When you need assistance during transitional periods, we have the people you can rely on.


Pyramid has been a pioneer in building TCoE model from ground zero. A TCoE is a central of testing functions that brings together testing processes, people, tools and infrastructure into a shared services to optimize the benefits across the test organization. TCoE can ensure many benefits to an organization in terms of improved quality, faster time to market, lower cost and the end-to-end ownership.

Project Management:

We provide experienced test project and program managers to supplement the managerial capabilities of our clients and provide strategic direction during periods of business expansion or organizational transition.

Knowledge Transfer & Training:

As we work with our clients we understand them and their business better and we aim to share with them our industry best practice and methods. If learning new skills is essential for your success, planned knowledge transfer and training must be implemented. Our structured approach to training and our partner relationships will deliver your knowledge transfer and training requirements at the time and place that you need them.