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Data Center Migration

Streamline data migrations and evolve your infrastructure. Upgrades can introduce risk and disruption, especially when the information infrastructure is widely deployed or extensively customized. Pyramid successfully migrates over 1 Terabyte every month, and we are continuously enhancing our migration tools and resources to help you plan and execute even the most complex technology and data migrations.

Where We are Involved:

The Whole life Cycle on Data Center Relocations, Migrations & Consolidations

  • Discovery and Analysis Phase
  • Design and Relocation Phase

Where We are Involved:

  • Reduced risk and minimal system downtime during data and system migration.
  • Minimized impact to service levels during upgrades.
  • Early system success and time to value.

Reach us to learn more about specific migration services

  • Application Services
  • Information Protection Services
  • Resource Management Services
  • Tiered Storage Services
  • Virtual Data Center Services